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Thank you for booking with L'AnsloBoys Montagne.

Here is the information to help you organize your visit and make your stay a pleasant one.

Please take a moment to read this document, it will make your arrival easier.

We will not necessarily be present on site and have therefore taken the services of a concierge.

The concierge will be your contact during your stay.

His role is to give you the keys to the accommodation, assist you in the event of problems, ensure compliance with our internal regulations and note any damage.

The concierge does not have access to payment information and is in no way responsible for the condition of the accommodation.

IMPORTANT: During busy periods, especially on Saturdays during school holidays, the concierge service will not always be able to respond to requests.

We will nevertheless be reachable to help you during your stay.

our place

Here is our address:

Residence La Meije 5

Hamlet of La Meije - The Village 1800

38860 Les Deux Alpes Mont De Lans

GPS coordinates: 45.017281, 6.129720

A video is available to show you the route from the entrance to the station on our website:

Our address is registered in the main GPS and applications

L'AnsloBoys Montagne

La Meije 5, Clos des Fonds, Les Deux Alpes, 38860, France

Les 2 Alpes 1800

Les 2 Alpes 1800 is a totally pedestrian area.

You have at your disposal a covered and completely free parking lot.

the indications

Be careful on the climb after the EDF power station in Oisans, always follow the D1091 to the dam, do not take the D220 as the navigators sometimes indicate. (very narrow road)

Then at the level of the rise of Champamé, do not leave the road.

Proceed to the top (3rd laser), climb to Village 1800 then pass under the ski slope.

You will then take the lower car park La Meije 1, 3, 5...
and walk to the 2nd fire hydrant which is on your right.

On the left will be the entrance to the residence La Meije 5 and the ski room

You can park here.

Some GPS are programmed to take you through the shortest route.

Come to La ansloBoys Montagne by plane, bus, taxi and train.

By plane

The 2 nearest airports are: Grenoble and Lyon Saint Exupéry



By bus

Access is provided from the largest cities Lyon, Paris... in the winter season.

Find out more from BlablaBus, Flyxbus...

Also all year round from Grenoble center. (bus station)

The resort of Les 2 Alpes is served by 6 Transaltitude stops (Transisère):

We invite you to get off at the "Les 2 Alpes - Point info" stop.

Bus lines:

- TA2A - T73

By train

All trains lead to Grenoble TGV station.

Grenoble is only 70km from Les 2 Alpes.
Once in Grenoble, go to the bus station and take a bus. Opt for a taxi or carpooling!

By Taxi

The 2 taxi companies in the station are:

- 2 Alps Taxi

Village 1800


+33 6 09 44 44 44


- Taxi Trans'Oisans

74 imp of the Old Fountain - Le Ponteil - Mont-de-Lans


+33 6 09 38 38 38

Parking and Charging your car

The parking

Cuando llegues, coge el parking inferior La Meije 1, 3, 5...

Luego avance hasta la segunda boca de incendios que está a su derecha. A la izquierda está la entrada a la residencia La Meije 5 y la sala de esquí.

Te puedes estacionar aquí.

La entrada a la residencia la tienes desde el parking, también puedes aparcar en los diferentes parkings subterráneos de la zona.

Estos parkings son compartidos y por tanto no privados.

(Para vehículos de gran tamaño, tenéis el parking exterior antes de la pista de esquí)

Atención a la altura de determinados aparcamientos superiores limitados a una altura de 1,90m.

Charge your car

The station equipped with charging stations for your vehicles.

They are available:

1- Place des Deux Alpes

38860 Les Deux Alpes

2- Rue De La Muzelle

38860 Les Deux Alpes

3- Place of the tourist office

38860 Les Deux Alpes Venocs

4- Pharmacy car park

38860 Les Deux Alpes

Soon new terminals will be installed.


To retrieve the keys

For apartment keys:

They are available from our partner GD ALPES.

The agency is less than 30m from the apartment, exit on the esplanade side and to the left.

As the area is pedestrian, the GPS will not work well. You must follow this link to easily find the reception point:

address: Place des Arcades, Le Village 1800, 38860 Les Deux Alpes

GSP coordinates: 45.017522, 6.130026

Such. : +33 (0)6 44 05 14 71

@: [email protected]

or watch the short video on our website:

Here are the office hours:

Arrival times are from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

10 p.m. some Saturdays in February

In case of late arrival, please inform the concierge at least 24 hours in advance who will inform you of the procedure to follow: [email protected]

To reach GD ALPES, you can go through the residence.

Go up to floor 3 then take the esplanade exit. Then exit and turn left then go down to the small square. The agency will be here on your right.

The agency also has a key box for independent arrival. (A contact is nevertheless mandatory the next day in order to validate the administrative documents.

the security deposit

The security deposit is made by card either by a pre-authorization blocking an amount of €500 on your account or by a direct debit which will be returned 7 days after your departure.
Depending on the agreements in force between Amenitizpay and your bank, the sum is pre-authorized or debited.

The deposit must be made when taking possession of the premises and this to respond to the loss or damage that may be caused to objects, furniture or others.
It is then returned or released within 7 days after its departure if no problem is found or after deduction of damage, loss of objects, etc....

If the security deposit proves to be insufficient, the lessee undertakes to complete the sum after the exit inventory. This guarantee cannot in any case be considered as a contribution to the rent.

The easiest way, if a small accident happens, contact us!
In the event of damage or failure, we reserve the right to report to the platform and file a complaint with the police or gendarmerie.

House Rules

The AnsloBoys Montagne is located in co-ownership, here are some rules in order to maintain good relations with your neighbors and the proper functioning of the establishment.

You have also received our general conditions and rules of procedure on the confirmation email.

1 - Noise, even daytime, is prohibited.
The customer causing disorder or scandal in any form whatsoever, will be asked to leave the establishment immediately and without reimbursement of his stay.
In the interest of the tranquility of the establishment, all noise must cease between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Any neighborhood noise related to the behavior of a person under its responsibility, may lead the establishment to invite the customer to leave the establishment without the need to carry out acoustic measurements, as soon as the noise generated is likely to affect the tranquility of customers (art. R.1334-30 and R; 1334-31 of the Public Health Code).

In the event of a fine from the police or gendarmerie services, this will only be payable by the occupants when the facts are observed by the services.

2 - It is forbidden to circulate wearing ski boots on the floors and stairs. Ski/shoe lockers are assigned to each apartment, their key accompanies the apartment key.

3 - In the event of loss or non-return of the ski locker keys independently of the room key, the establishment will invoice the replacement of the locks at €80 for the 2 locks and reproduction of the keys. We will charge the amount to the customer's credit card.

4 - The apartment keys are secure keys. They must be returned on the day of departure.
In the event of non-return or loss, the establishment will invoice the replacement of the locks and cylinder for an amount of 230€ per door and will charge the amount on the customer's credit card.

5a - In the event of degradation or breach, we reserve the possibility of making a report to the platform and filing a complaint with the police or the gendarmerie.

5b - The amount of the deposit is set at €500. A pre-authorization is requested by the reach of your card, the amount is then blocked on your card or debited. This depends on the agreements between your bank and Amenitizpay.

5c - In the event of damage or repair exceeding the amount of €500 (deposit). The supplement will be the responsibility of the customer. this amount must be paid within 7 days maximum after departure.

6 - Animals are not accepted in the apartments. In case of breach of this rule, reinforced cleaning will be carried out at the expense of the occupants. The amount of this reinforced cleaning is invoiced in the amount of 105€.

7a - For security reasons and for everyone's respect, it is strictly forbidden to smoke throughout the condominium as well as in the apartments.
In accordance with Decree No. 2006-1386 of November 15, 2006 setting the conditions for the application of the ban on smoking in places assigned to collective use, smoking in the condominium exposes you to additional billing of €110 or to prosecution. judicial.

7b - Do not throw your cigarette butts over the balcony and bring your cigarette butts back when skiing or hiking!

It's bad for groundhogs!!

8 - Children are the full responsibility of the client.

9 - Opening hours are from 4:00 p.m.

10 - Departure times are before 10:00 a.m. Failure to respect this time may result in additional billing of €25/hour of travel. (hourly billing).
The keys are to be returned to GD Alpes, we invite you to contact us 24 hours before your departure.

11 - It is forbidden to throw any object or garbage from the balconies.

12 - Put your garbage in the moloks, even on vacation you can sort!
Wild deposits are invoiced by the condominium.
(Amount will be fixed by the cleaning company)

13 - Objects left or abandoned may be sold under the conditions provided for by the law of March 31, 1896. If the customer requests the return of his belongings by parcel or post, this will be done with tracking and insurance for the objects. valuable. The shipment will be made after the payment by the customer of the shipping costs.

14 - Extras are to be paid no later than 12 hours before arrival. In the event of non-payment, they will be automatically cancelled.

15. Any breach concerning the cleaning will result in the invoicing of a last minute cleaning fee at the rate of 100€.

16. Only the prices indicated in the L'AnsloBoys Montagne general conditions and the L'AnsloBoys Montagne traveler's guide are applicable during your stay in one of the L'AnsloBoys Montagne apartments.

Household chores

Como se indicó en publicaciones anteriores, el servicio de limpieza no está incluido.

Tienes la opción de optar por la opción de limpieza incluida en tus extras, por un importe de 53€.

Ha elegido realizar la limpieza de final de estancia. Debe dejar el apartamento en un estado limpio:

Camas deshechas, frazadas dobladas y guardadas (Las cobijas decorativas puestas en su lugar)
Papeleras, frigoríficos, lavavajillas vaciados y limpiados.

Platos limpios y ordenados
Limpieza de cocina y electrodomésticos
Baño y aseo limpios
Limpie los espejos, las ventanas y los pisos.
Saque el polvo de las superficies.

Contenido del fuerte aumento de salida con la limpieza no realizada y el apartamento no ordenado.

Cualquier incumplimiento dará lugar a la facturación de una tasa de limpieza de última hora a razón de 110€.

IMPORTANTE: En caso de incumplimiento de una única tarea que te comprometas a realizar, te facturaremos el importe total de este precio fijo.

Columns with images


Details and size of beds:

Living room – bz bed – 140 x 190cm (all apartments)

Alcove – bunk beds (apart AL2 – A2 - H2) – 2 x 80 x 190cm

Sleeping area – single sofa bed (apart AL2 – L2 -J4) – 80 x 190cm

all the apartments have very warm latest generation Becquet blankets and pillows

Kitchen equipment

Details of our kitchen equipment:

Dishwasher, Nespresso coffee maker, fridge with freezer compartment, microwave and combi oven, kettle, waffle toasting machine, fondue, raclette, log press, hood, ceramic hob, complete equipment plates, glasses, utensils, frying pan...


Each apartment has a ski locker.

Other equipment:

-board games
- Card games
- Extension cords
- phone chargers
- Outdoor table and chairs for apartments with balconies (AL2, A2, H2)


Towel radiators
hair dryer
Clothes drying rack


For all apartments: Ansloboys Montagne

Wifi name: L'AnsloBoys Montagne

Wi-Fi password: Les2Alpes2022*

The Good Addresses!

The Good Addresses! The following

Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, VTTAE and the Domaine

Columns with images

By bus!

To get to the resort center, you have 2 options.

1- By free shuttle, it operates from mid-June to the end of August, during the All Saints holidays and from December to the end of April.

3 stops serve Les 2 Alpes 1800.

Stop numbers:

18- The Lautaret
19 -La Meije at the entrance to the car park
20-Village 1800

Geolocated shuttle:


To get to the resort center, you have 2 options.

1 - By road

2 - By the snow front.

Hamlet Shuttle

-From Venosc, by gondola.
-From Mont de Lans, by chairlift.
- Vaujany - Venocs by bus Free shuttle Oisans

The environment is everyone's business!

Let's act together to reduce our carbon footprint!

Here are a few tips:

- Remember to turn off the lights when leaving the accommodation

- The water tank is set to automatic. This allows the temperature to be adjusted automatically.

The temperature automatically drops when the housing is empty.

Do not change this setting!

- The dishwasher is set to eco, prefer this washing mode.

- Close the shutters to prevent heat loss.

- The refrigerator is set to 1, it is generally not necessary to increase this setting.

- Set the heating to 19°C. There is no need to let the heating run above 19°C when you leave the accommodation. We find unfortunate too often the heating at 30°c during the inventory.

Marmots live outside, they don't need heating!

- Do not cover radiators.

- When we aerate, we

Remember to turn down the heat.

- Remember to put a lid on the pans during cooking.

The station's eco-friendly guide:
find out about

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Compost sites

Composting is an alternative, concrete and inexpensive solution to naturally recycle a third of household waste.
It will provide nutritious and efficient humus replacing fertilizer and soil. Compost is obtained by accumulating green waste (garden + household) in the form of a pile, on the ground, or in a composter.
Several composting sites, set up by the Community of Communes of Oisans, are at your disposal in Les 2 Alpes and in the villages.

Social networks

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With Paypal, you can pay up to 4 times without fees. See conditions on the Paypal website

Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard, Carte Bleu

You can pay for your stay by Visa card, Eurocard / Mastercard, Carte Bleue

American Express

You can pay for your stay by American Express.

ANCV & Connect holiday voucher

You can also pay by ANCV holiday vouchers. Send us your holiday vouchers by registered post, providing your reservation number on the back of the checks and we will deduct the amount of your holiday vouchers from your reservation.

AnsloBoys Mountain gift card

You have received a L’AnsloMontagne gift card. Book directly online to deduct this from your stay amount. Simple and quick!

Add a title

If you wish to pay by bank transfer you can do so up to 20 days before your departure. Don't forget to indicate the name and reservation number in the transfer reference.


We have an agreement with the sports stores 2000 Des 2 Alpes 1800.

Vouchers are available in the apartments.
We can also send you this voucher by email in order to print it.

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Les Deux Alpes, 38860, France

[email protected]

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